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Low-Cost 4K Action Cams : APEMAN TRAWO

The APEMAN ‘TRAWO’ Action Camera is Packed with 20MP Sensor and More

The APEMAN ‘TRAWO’ action cam is an advanced piece of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts that offers them access to impressive functionalities without a high price tag. Presently available for just $99, the action camera is packed with a 20MP sensor that captures 4K footage at 30fps, while also offering a 170-degree field of view. The WiFi remote functionality ensures your group shots and selfies are as high-quality as possible, while the integrated stabilizing system keeps videos free from distorting movement.The APEMAN ‘TRAWO’ action cam has an ultra-compact design that can be easily stored in your pocket or bag for quick usage wherever you go. The low-cost of the device makes it a tough competitor for brands like GoPro as consumers seek to save money on supplemental technology device purchases.

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